Structure and Function of Dendrites In Vivo


While several studies had previously studied dendritic function in small mammals and vertebrates, the role of dendrites (in terms of feature selectivity) was completely unknown in the non-rodent mammalian cerebral cortex, which has precise columns for features such as stimulus orientation, direction, and binocularity. We developed new tools to map the organization of sensory processing at a subcellular scale, e.g., monitor the shape and activity on individual dendrites and spines in vivo—with respect to functional maps, e.g., orientation selectivity.

Levy M, Lu Z, Dion G, Kara P (2014) The shape of dendritic arbors in different functional domains of the cortical orientation map.  J. Neurosci. 34, 3231

Levy M, Schramm AE, Kara P (2012) Strategies for mapping synaptic inputs on dendrites in vivo by combining two-photon microscopy, sharp intracellular recording, and pharmacology.  Frontiers in Neural Circuits. 6, 101

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